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Create .PDF eBooks With Literally The Click Of A Button And Have Full Access To Any Design Feature You Would Ever Need, No HTML Experience Required!

wift eBook allows you to create .PDF eBooks or word eBooks regardless of your experience level. Hands down this is simply the easiest to use eBook software available on the market today.

For experienced users you will find the features of Swift eBook are unmatched by any other eBook software that has ever been made available! Create secure .PDF files that are locked by password protection which allows you to offer Private Label Rights to your documents by revealing the password to your customers.

Below you will find a partial list of tools and features you will have at your finger tips when using Swift eBook.

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Create .PDF's With The Click Of A Button
Create Word Documents
Create Articles And File Them In Swift eBook Under Specific Categories Which You Create
Create Reminders And Mark Them On The Provided Calendar With In Swift eBook
View Your Document Statistics Which Include Number Of Pages, Words, Characters With And Without Spaces Paragraphs And Lines
Zoom In And Out 25% To 300%
Find Specific Words Or Sentences In Your Document Using The Find Option
Cut, Copy And Paste Buttons
Made A Mistake Don't Worry use The Integrated Undo And Redo Buttons
Built In Spell Checker With A Complete Preloaded Data Base
Choose From Over 150 Different Font Faces And Sizes
Choose From A Full Custom, Web And System Data Base Of Font And Background Colors
One Click To Add Background Highlight To A Section Or Single Word Of Text
Bold, Italic, And Underline Text With The Click Of A Button
Align Paragraphs Or Sentences Left, Center And Right With The Click Of A Button
Add Bullets And Tabs Using Your Specific Dimensions
Add Images With The Click Of A Button
Create Text Frames With The Click Of A Button
Adding Hyperlinks Has Never Been This Easy Just One Click
Insert Tables, Columns And Rows With The Push Of A Button
Add Grid Lines To Your Document
And The List Goes On...

Below is a screen shot of the "File" tab in action. This is the where the you will create a new document, save document, print, delete, get help and create a PDF with a single click.

This next image is a screen shot of the "Document" tab in action. Here you can find your document statistics, spell check, paste function, copy function, cut function, find tool and more.

This third image is a screen shot of the "Style" tab in action. This is where you will add all your font and documents enhancements such as font face, color, bullets, add images, create tabs and much more.

Here is a screen shot of the "Insert" tab in action. Here you can add tables, frames, rows, columns, more image options and so on.

This last image is of the "Reminders" tab in action. Under this tab you can set reminders by the day, week, work week and month. Think of this as a personally organizer that will keep track of all your upcoming events.

There are several more options that Swift eBook offers such as the "Article" and "eBook" tab which keeps a running list of all your projects in a specific order that you choose. To make this page load faster I went ahead and skipped over those screen shots but the features are there.

As you can see the Swift eBook desktop software is far superior to any other eBook software that has been made available in the past. I am sure you would gladly pay 67.00 Dollars and upwards for a piece of software that would cut your work day in half.

But, I am not here to become a millionaire selling Swift eBook. When I set out to create Swift eBook I wanted it be reasonably priced and I wanted it literally blow every other eBook software out of the water.

...and that is exactly what I did!

You can now gets your hands on the BEST eBook software to hit the market at half the price of the competition!

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